What to Do When Your Summer Garden Plan All Goes Wrong

Everyone loves the picture perfect postcard, of a beautiful garden with lots of nicely mowed, and striped grass in clean lines, and beautiful multi-coloured flowers in bloom, but what do you do when it all goes wrong?  When it rains for weeks and your garden becomes a mini-flood plane?  Or when you plant new grass seed and it doesn’t rain for weeks, and the grass seed is burnt from the soil?

When this happens our best recommendation to you is to relax, and to give yourself a break.  Sometimes it isn’t always as easy as it could be, and things won’t always go your way.  We say you will have done everything you could, and now you’re older and wiser and to begin again with the lesson that you have learned.

We’re sorry that we have no magic wand, but they don’t exist, so just give it another go and do your best, and it will turn out beautiful sooner or later, and when you have a nice sunny day, quickly take a photograph so that you will remember that it all worked out ok.